Compassionate care for all generations

If you know Westlawn Cemetery and Mausoleum you already know Lakeshore. We've been serving Chicago’s Jewish families for over 3 generations–with care, commitment and relentless attention to detail. Our affiliation with Westlawn enables us to serve all the needs of the Jewish community. Led by director Dan Schubring, we are committed to excellence and our mission: To provide the support, personalized service and comfort that grieving families need to help them start the process of healing.

Dan Schubring

Dan Schubring, Funeral Director

Dan began his full-time funeral career in November, 1980, with Hershey Weinstein and his funeral home which would later merge with the Piser Funeral Homes in 1981. In 1989, Dan joined the staff of Weinstein Brothers, working at their Devon Avenue and Wilmette locations. In 1995, he took a break from the funeral service industry and pursued other career paths. It didn’t take long for Dan to return to his true calling.

At the invitation of Weinstein Brothers, he returned in 1998 where he worked until 2009. Dan worked briefly in a non-Jewish funeral home in the northwest suburbs, relocating there to care for his aging parents. This chapter in his professional life exposed him to new perspectives in the funeral business, including technological advances and more a contemporary approach to funerals.

In March, 2012, Westlawn’s General Manager, Vickie Pulido added Dan to their administrative staff. Dan began to discuss Lakeshore Funerals with many of the cemetery’s client families. His experience and knowledge regarding prearrangement funding has helped many of these families prepay their funeral expenses. In November, 2012, Dan was promoted to Funeral Director at Lakeshore. He has been busy making adjustments to Lakeshore with new, simplified funeral packaging ideas for Temple Sholom members and is working to eliminate the need for dangerous funeral processions.

Lakeshore Jewish Funerals is the only Jewish funeral provider based in Chicago.
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Jody Morady

Jodi Morady, Director of Administration

Jodi is the business and operations manager at Lake Shore Jewish Funerals. A graduate of University of Illinois, Jodi has worked in an accounting firm in Tel Aviv, Israel and for the Alzheimer’s Association in Chicago before coming to Lake Shore Jewish Funerals.

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